4 Tips for Metal Roof Maintenance

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When you get a metal roof, most experts will tell you that the maintenance work will not consist of much. However, as with every type of roofing installation, metal roofing systems still require some maintenance, and failing to comply with their requirements could land you in a lot of trouble in terms of how much money you’d have to spend on future repairs.


The following recommendations should help you get on top of your metal roofing maintenance checklist at least regarding the basics:


  1. Check the flashing after every storm. Residential metal roofing will likely feature a similar sloped design as other types of residential roofing, and the flashing is very important to remain intact in these designs. If it’s not, your roof could start leaking pretty soon.
  2. Look for areas where the roof has already rusted or sustained some level of water damage. Water and rust are probably the biggest threats for an aging metal roof.
  3. After a hail storm has passed, always check for dents in areas where the flashing might be located or around the side of the roof, where the roof meets the gutters. Although dents don’t seem like a problem, they can lead rainwater to places where it shouldn’t go, causing unexpected damage to your home.
  4. Talk to a roofing contractor to schedule a roof inspection at least once every 6 months or so. A biannual inspection from https://midkansasexteriors.com/topeka.html  will ensure that your roof stays in good condition all year round.