The Best Neighborhoods in Kansas – Nothing Compares to Life in the Midwest

Kansas, one of the most diverse and most exciting Midwestern states has plenty to offer to those looking for a small-town environment where nature is close as well as to those who prefer big cities, but are looking for a way to live that metropolitan life among cozy surroundings – here are some of the best neighborhoods across the state:

Leawood – an exceptionally livable town with a population of a bit over 32,000, Leawood offers excellent housing opportunities and it is one of the economic and cultural centers in the area,

Overland Park – a larger settlement, with a population of almost 180,000, Overland Park offers the possibility to slow down, but without having to lower your standards when it comes to amenities and schooling. There are a number of them, but only one is a superb Wichita roofing company as you can see in these neighborhoods.  Also known as the number one soccer city in the country, Overland communities love to stay active,

Andover – the town is becoming more and more popular for its public safety and for its outstanding educational institutions. Located a few miles off Wichita, Andover is often considered to be a suburb of the big city, but its ample range of amenities, its boosting local businesses and its developing labor market make it much more than a sleeping community.